Shock Your Girlfriend or Wife to Improve Your Relationship

How to surprise your girlfriend or wife? How to make her heart melt? Although these questions may seem easy, it is often hard to come up with something fresh and original. Yet, to keep the magic within your relationship alive, it is important to introduce unforeseen elements in your relationship every now and then, particularly when you have been together with your girlfriend or wife for a longer time. This article describes several kinds of surprises that you might want to consider prior to surprising your woman.

Compliments – On Valentine´s day, with Christmas, or on birthdays, most couples put lots of effort to surprise their husband or wife. Many men take their girlfriend out of dinner, cook dinner for their wife, buy a nice present, or explicitly inform their lover they love the girl. Yet, the other 362 days of the entire year, they tend to forget this. Specially when people have been in a relationship for some time, they tend to forget to show gratitude of each other. Yet, a key to a healthy relationship is to reassure your own girlfriend or wife that you nevertheless care about her. An easy way to do that will be giving her compliments. Giving the compliment is an effective way to make your spouse feel appreciated and special. You could for example tell your wife how unique she is for you, and in what way. If you find it hard to say ‘ I love you’ or “ You are unique for me’ in a face-to-face conversation, you can also consider sending her the text message, or writing your feelings down for her. A simple text, such as “ If you ever ask me how many situations you’ ve crossed my mind, I would say once. Because you came, and never left”, shows your partner that you think and care about the girl.

Activities to do together – A key component in the relationship with your girl would be to spend time together. In the beginning of a partnership, couples tend to spend a lot of time speaking and doing novel activities jointly. Once love is established, it is easy to get into a routine. You go to work daily and spend more time with family and friends. As a result, it could be that you can’ t find plenty of time together. To keep your relation healthy, you need to keep doing things jointly. What matters is not the amount of time spent together, but the quality of this time. That is, if you do things jointly, you should give her your complete attention. Especially novel and thrilling activities can improve your relationship. Novel activities are fun to do. Apart from, they might put back the spark within your relationship that you used to have in the beginning. Interesting surprises, on the other hand, will always be remembered (maybe even for years! ), and may create your overall relationship seem more thrilling.

Small present or gift – Although they say that love is not for sale, a little present every now and then will always be appreciated. Make sure you buy a present for her that is thoughtful and meaningful. Especially when a present is not really expected, for example on a normal working day, your relationship can benefit from gift-giving. It keeps your relationship much less predictable. In the end, it is not about the amount of the present you give, but regarding showing that you are interested in your partner and that you want her to be delighted.

For now, what are you waiting for? Surprise your girlfriend or wife, and make your relationship more unpredictable and passionate!

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  • xLittle21Yaox:

    I realy couldnt help writing this add since i’ve been considering this problem since the beginning of my relationship

    My girlfriend and that i began seeing one another last year, I had been married at that time and she or he had just split up together with her ex (most likely not correctly yet..) she’s an infant girl from him

    Since start she’s saying that her baby father is crazy and he’d do not to discover about us!! My girlfriend lives together with her mother and that i understood her ex accustomed to visit to determine the infant very regularly whenever he really wants to(couple of occasions per week) and so i wasnt realy designed to visit frequently simply to make certain me and ex dont come across one another!! well at that time i had been married therefore it was type of appropriate for the two of us to help keep this discreet .. (i wasnt in good terms with my spouse and she or he stated he only appears to determine the infant..)

    finaly i met the man there!!!she explained he understood i’m her boss, forget about!! well i have no idea the number of bosses select the employees on a ‘life was imple’ to visit out shopping however the guy appeared to become relax by using it!!! the funy factor is the fact that with that particular week the infant was away together with her grandmum to some 7 days holiday therefore the baby father didn’t have reason in the future around realy!!! he’d even plainly the evening before she stated!! well… maybe i ought to let you know a little much more about him to get the best picture.. he’s type of guy who’s a little loose everywhere, he’s nice guy but no job or proper home … an overall total mess and so i thought he just came around to kill time…

    anyway .. for the following handful of month, for that baby father i had been still in charge no more till eventually her mother began to create an problem that baby father mustn’t hold off anytime he wants .. he may come in a set time. in whatever way since that time we knocked to one another couple of more occasions but each time he appeared so awesome about this .. well i had been still referred to as boss.. (he’d told my girlfriend he thinks she’s seeing her boss righ in the beginning… but my girlfriend stored denying to prevent trouble??)

    after handful of several weeks, we’ve got the breaking news, the baby father had made another girl pregnant somewhere localy … baby was due in couple of days time… well this time around i figured i might see some changes … how come she need to hide me from someone who’s this type of disrespectful prick!! he rested with another lady when her baby was 4 several weeks old…

    I spoken to her relating to this but didnt appear to create any alternation in our existence.. she was still being hiding her relationship…

    finaly one evening i went round her house doing… attempted to her but she didnt answer… she text me back that they is driving.. but her vehicle was parked before her house… cut the lengthy story short …i discovered that they had poped by helping cover their him for any drive.. it was couple of days following the breaking news as he wasn’t welcome in her own mums house any longer whatsoever and so i thought for this reason they needed to get out there and discuss it… with that evening we’d a large war and also the baby father found everything out too (i merely told him i’m seeing her and that he was shocked!! ) he left that evening to not return any longer … well he did return though!! and i’m glad he did since i shouldn’t go from a father and her daughter ( i’m a father too) the very next day i saw him before her door so we were built with a chat within the vehicle… i told him this really is nothing personal however i wanted to make certain we aint dating exactly the same girl not understanding it.. he clarified NO! I ONLY COME HERE To Determine MY BABY! however dont realy rely on what arrives of his mouth because he is definitely stoned!! )

    anyway … i acquired divorce and things slightly enhanced … she appears to become more caring and i’m permitted in her own house anytime.. so he’s, despite the fact that my female friends mother hates him!! he accustomed to come at set time but lately is simply whenever again and my gf still prefer us to prevent one another… she states he does not want her to maneuver on because the baby is simply too small!!! when we go anywhere and that he calls her, she never mention she’s beside me or maybe we venture out for supper she states she’s by helping cover their a buddy

    since that time he’s seen me picking her up and droping her at her house many occasions… he obviousely have to know what is happening … however i dont think so… what the heck… honestly these lot are confusing the existence from me!!!

    my girlfriend is an extremely nice girl and that i perfectly undrestand the idea of “kids come first” but till if this wish to proceed such as this.. she states up until the baby is couple of years older to help keep connection with her father so she will avoid him.. i dont understand… i seriosuly dont undrestand what it has got related to liying to him about where she’s!!!

    He’s hated in her own family rather than involved with any parties or etc… it appears like he realy plainly for that baby however i cant understand why she cant simply tell him she’s by helping cover their me.. is the fact that while he does not want her to depart baby alone and spend some time elsewhere … is that this normal?

  • Jesse:

    He’s no physical attraction for that woman. His wife has divorced him and 23 years boy stays from him. His wife did abortion of the female fetus a long time back and that he experienced great mental shock. If she’d have ongoing using the pregnancy, the kid could have been almost of the identical chronilogical age of this girl. Women parent don’t have any objection for this friendship.

    He’s helping her psychologically, motivating her as well as gives her huge gifts and financial aid. Due to his help she has the capacity to continue her costly higher education.

    However this friendship is becoming great reviving factor for that guy. His loneliness gone, his business has enhanced and almost it’s given him rebirth.

    Do you consider anything is wrong such friendship ? or similar relationships ?

  • Blake:

    My boyfriend and I have been in a relationship for two years, but there’s a string of infidelities in the past that make it difficult for me to trust him.
    Our relationship seemed perfect in the beginning: I was an exchange student from the US in France, and I was spending almost all of my free time with a lovely, older man who seemed to adore our time together. I never suspected anything unusual.
    About three months into our relationship, I found out that he was using an online dating website. He explained to me that it was just for looking for other gay friends, and I believed him. Soon after, he invited one of these guys over and pressured me into having a threesome. I did’t consider it abuse until the third time, when I explained that I didn’t want to do it and he invited someone over anyway and had sex with him.
    I was incredibly shocked; how could he be so selfish? It’s not as if I refused to engage in the activity. I should mention that this period of “activity” lasted for a month and a half. During this time, he would take me out to clubs to try to convince me (being the younger guy) to pick up guys. If I explained that I was uncomfortable, or even if I didn’t succeed in convincing him to come home with us, my boyfriend would angrily criticize me. He even criticized me once, telling me how I ruined his weekend, that I didn’t do as much as I should have during a threesome. At this point, I simply said that we had to stop.
    I stopped; he didn’t.
    I had trouble with my visa, so I had to return to the US for three different periods. The first time, I was gone for two weeks. He had invited a friend over to have sex with him. He was also looking for guys online; the second period was for a month, and he had sex twice, the first time was the day after I left; the third time he had gone out, kissed, touched and had sex with a couple guys in a club.
    This is not the behavior I approve of. I may be gay, but I still have relationship values. He claims to have a “problem” but shares the same values. During these three absences, I found out via other people what he was doing. I confronted him each time, and we argued and he eventually gave a shallow apology.
    Things have since improved. We’re living together in Paris, sharing a life. We still argue from time to time, almost regularly, but my trust has been increasing, and he’s been making more and more of an effort to talk to me, to be open and to tell the truth. He has been faithful now for some time, but there’s a new concern.
    I recently discovered a couple of lies from the past. In the past, I asked him each time to tell me how many times and with whom he had been unfaithful. He always lied in the beginning, but then he seemed to start telling me the truth and talking to me about it. The other day, however, after he made a bad joke, I realized that he had had sex with his good friend; I asked him if it had been while we were in a relationship, he was honest and confirmed.
    This is not the only time that I’ve had to pose a question to get a response. I can understand that he feels bad about what he did, that he doesn’t want to talk about it, he just wants to put it behind us. I just feel that it’s not easy to move on if every so often a new “secret” of this genre slips out of his mouth and I have to bear with yet another infidelity.
    He’s a nice man. He helps me with all of the administrative work to stay in this country, has proposed that we get a civil union, helps with anything I need for school, financially and otherwise, we travel together, and we’re generally very happy together. I really feel that I’m in love with him, despite the fact that he has difficulty communicating sometimes. We had the language barrier as an excuse before, but that doesn’t work now. He’s loving, but the lack of communication forces me to learn these secrets on my own… which is hurting our relationship.
    I don’t know what to do. The last friend with him he had sex was someone he previously described as “perfect.” He offered never to speak with this person again, but I’m afraid of imposing too many rules on him.

  • stingerms:

    I am 60.Separated. I have a college going son.(Late marriage)For the past 3/4 years , I have a rather intimate relationship with a 41 year old widow working in my office .Her husband died in 1998.Has a 15 year old son.
    I had some financial difficulties during the last 18 months or so and consequently we had no work and we did not have any physical contact during that time. By Dec 2010, my finances improved and we started working from a new place. At this place she developed contacts with a person , who is in charge of a shop nearby.He is 42, married and has 2 sons.
    I was planning to live with her under one roof once I stabilise financially. Though we didnt marry,I never take any decision without consulting her and she also is honest and trustworthy. In fact once she wanted to move with her son to my place which I idea I wanted to postpone.She continues to be sincere and trustworthy, but for this development.She considers me more like a father than her boyfriend or paramour that she will confide everything to me.During the early stages of my relationship with her I asked her on more than one occasion whether she will be interested in remarriage with a suitable guy and she flatly refused.Now she is firmly in my mind as my wife and I too thought she considers me as her husband.
    However, she came to me on New Year day(2011) with the proposal of marrying this person.She wanted my assistance.I was shell shocked.She has developed strong liking for this person that she has decided to marry him without knowing anything about his background. She even went to the extent of quitting the job and wanted me to forget her..Also, this otherman doesnt know that she has a relationship with me.She hid it. By the last week of Jan, she has understood that it will be impossible to proceed further because it will affect her family ties.She came back to me apologizing and reported for duty.
    I have whole heartedly accepted her back. But at the same time I understood for the first time that her love for me is not to be confused as one for a lover. We continued to have sex many time during the last month or so.At times she may be mechanical and sometimes very involved.
    Meantime the person whom she proposed to marry left the place by Feb1st and they didnt have any contact for the past 2 months.However my girlfriend continues to express her love for the person to me whenever an opportunity she gets. However, she is now clear that given her family situation, it is not possible for her to start a new family.
    During this 2 months period , I understood her better. Though she loves me and likes me, her true love lies with the other person.Also, during this period I find my love for her grew stronger inspite for all theseI proposed to her the idea of having an intimate relationship with her ex-lover without getting married.First she resisted the idea and once she finds me serious she is willing and eager.I have taken upon myself the responsibility of setting up this.
    Last week,I established contact with this man and wanted him to come and meet my girl friend .Incidentally, till now he is not sure of my relationship with my GF. He is a very possessive fellow and wont like to share her with anyone. My gf wants me to continue to hide my relationship with her from her lover, as otherwise she will once again lose him. As far as I am concerned I sincerely wants my gf to have a relationship with the person she loves most.At the same time I want to inform the man of my relationship she has with me.Kindly guide me how to and when to inform this guy of the relationship between us so that he should continue the relationship with my gf. The meeting may take place tomorrow

  • John:

    Okay, so recently my ex-gf and I reconciled (actually we were more than that―she’s also the mother of my child). We’d been together for 3-plus years prior to the most recent break-up (our son was born roughly two years ago) and I’ve always felt like she was “the one” (I “officialy” proposed to her prior to the break-up―though I guess in our minds, we’d always been engaged).

    Well, about a month after our break-up (I guess) she initiated contact with a friend/acquaintance she’d met and they began seeing each other. Eventually, well, you know…

    When she’d come over to my house (usually when she was dropping off my son―and sometimes to spend time together as a family I guess), I’d always see her phone blow up with the same guy’s name (we’ll call him “Ed”) trying to text her. I actually put it out of my head and didn’t really worry about it. But one day I was mad about something and my ex-gf blurted out that “I must of been in her phone” (I hadn’t) and that “I musta seen the kinda stuff that was being talked about in there.” So naturally from that, I gathered that she was seeing someone and that it had to be serious.

    I eventually did see some of the texts that they were sending each other, and was shocked to see some of the dirtiest/most sexually perverse content being forwarded between them. It honestly broke my heart. 1) I’d never been talked to like that/texted like that by her (there was some dirty talk, but it wasn’t nearly as kinky nor as frequent). 2) She’d always made me feel guilty the last couple of years, telling me how she really wanted to wait for us to get married before having sex again. 3) This was her telling him how much she missed “it,” how much she wanted to “taste him” (she was giving him head), how “horny” she was, how much she was fiending for “it,” blah blah blah. To sum it up, her in great part initiating it.

    I mean this is a girl who barely went down on me (I mean I really had to co-ax her and even then…), so all this is really hard to swallow (no pun intended). When she confirmed everything, she cried a bunch of different times, telling me how much she loves me and stuff, and how much it hurts her to know that deep down I’m in pain. But believe it or not, me reading her texts came after that reconciliation convo we had (where we talked about getting to know each other, becoming deep with one another, etc). And there were fresh texts from that day we had spent together (christmas shopping/helping her study for a math final/bonding) which basically confirmed that they were planning on doing it again (with little smilie faces and what not). I mean, she didn’t mention any of those intentions when she was talking about wanting to bond, her excitement level at the prospect, and improving the relationship.

    I gotta say, she was mad initially, but she quickly began crying again (making me feel like I was doing something wrong, and I guess I am in a way), telling me some of the same stuff: How much she loves me, she really can’t bare to hurt me anymore, how important I am to her, how much she’s hurt that I can’t really believe that I’m special (and that everything we did together she cherishes a lot more than with most of the people she’s been with).

    Quite frankly, even if she doesn’t sleep with him, I’m of the opinion that it’s only for the benefit of not hurting my feelings, which is sad, because if you don’t wanna sleep with someone, it should be because you’re generally not attracted to them (not saying you can’t find them attractive; there are both men and women I find great looking, doesn’t mean I wanna screw em), it shouldn’t be because you feel bad about hurting someone’s feelings (at the end of the day it most certainly means she’s still attracted to the guy and only restraining herself for my benefit).

    I don’t know what to think? What do you guys believe should happen? I’m just so lost and hurt, particularly considering that I’ve never slept with anyone else while we weren’t together (or while we were in a relationship for that matter). Whatever it is I should do, I know that it’s not getting back into another relationship. I’m done after this, I mean it. She’s the only one that I’ve ever cared about, and don’t really want anybody else. I just don’t have anymore love to give (I feel fairly capable of being emotionless―and don’t feel that would be right for the next person).

    Thanks in advance (I guess).
    @Elliot Kane

    No didn’t really come into significant money. I know that he does have his own ex (who he has a daughter with). And he’s kept my gf/ex (whatev) secret from his own ex. So I guess you could be right, I just don’t know brah.

  • Only Business:

    i have a great marriage. but now and again we get into heated fights. He gets very jealous and needy and it makes me angry. On a few occasions it has gone physical. I usually start it by pushing him or slugging him on the arm. He usually just holds me
    against the wall until i stop. The other day we argued in the car and he reached over a back handed me on the cheek, hard enough to leave marks. I was shocked. Why are we so volatile when we love each other dearly?

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