Things to Consider when Searching for a Bridal Gown

Brides start to hunt for their ideal wedding dress almost immediately after the wedding. A bride is likely to spend the majority of her time searching for the perfect dress to dazzle on the special day.


Brides start to hunt for their ideal wedding dress almost immediately after the engagement. A bride-to-be is likely to spend most of her period searching for the perfect gown to charm on the special day.

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6 Responses to “Things to Consider when Searching for a Bridal Gown”

  • airdogspace2:

    Okay I have been engaged for awhile, and I have been toying around looking at dresses, however I am now really starting to plan this wedding. A while back I found this dress that I absolutely love. Here is a pic of it:

    I am just really skeptical about buying online… is that a normal thing now a days? Buying wedding dresses online? This site has a very strict return policy, as in no returns on wedding dresses, and that makes me nervous.
    In my search today I found a dress that is so incredibly similar to the first dress I am astonished and cannot help but think that the first dress is a type of “rip off” off this dress:

    This second dress is made by the designer Bonny… and the first dress has no designer listed.
    My problem is that I LOVE the first dress more. What should I do?
    I was also thinking that if I could find a dress that is similar in style I could try it on… and see what it looks like on my body. Would that work? Or do I need to try on the exact dress I am going to wear?

  • Clayton Cottrell:

    Im getting married next year, we both have big families so for bridesmaids we had to have my 2 sisters and my fiances sister as well as my niece, i also have my 4 best friends (its a lot i know). The problem is finding dresses to suit them all…they are paying for their own dresses to help out so i dont want to find ones that are too expensive. Im looking for suggestions on where to find relatively cheap royal blue bridesmaid dresses.

    Thank you =) xx

  • Mistry:

    Ok i get married in May 2009. My fiance and that i are getting a rather traditional ceremony however with its very own modern twist. The truth is I am unsure I wish to put on a whitened dress. I love wedding gowns but I am simply not sure about whitened.

    I understand when I do not put on a whitened dress my fiancee’s and the family come in aww (they’re a really traditional Irish/Italian family). I factor it might be awesome basically did not put on a whitened dress but I’d rather not upset my girlfriend or his family. I am also unsure how my loved ones would experience it. What must i do?

  • Michael C:

    I am marriage in 2 days, and am with limited funds. My dress must be hemmed around three-four inches, how can i go to make it happen and just how much wouldn’t it cost?

  • norrin_shadowwolf:

    i dream of having a cinderella wedding meaning a big wedding dress with a lot of sparkles and the maximum cost would be around 5 thousand dollars.

    any links,pix would be nice or maybe a designer’s name

  • Milk84:

    im very small all around.. barely 5′ about 98 pounds small chested (34 small B) small waist, and small bum. ive never been dress shopping and im starting to look online for designers i like but i dont even know where to begin. What would you suggest for my body type?

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